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Since around year 2000, the Québec Construction Code commands to install sprinklers in every building.  This means that all buildings - owned in co-ownership or not - must be equipped with a sprinkler system.  This being said, were you aware that a sprinkler system must be maintained and up kept?  Not only the infrastructure but the water in the pipes? No?  You should take notes.
One syndicate member did suffer a heavy loss following an of th accident involving a sprinkler in a corridor.  The sprinkler's head did bust causing, of course, damage; heavy damage.  Not heavy because of the water alone but heavy because of the muddy, dark and filthy water coming out of the broken sprinkler head.

You did read correctly.  Black messy water that dis spoil not only the corridor - carpet, tapestry, ceiling, lamps and entrance doors to residence - but also downstairs corridors and several private portions.

as a matter of fact, no one seems to realize that there is water in the sprinkler pipe network.  Neither that some up keeping can be necessary to keep this water clean.

Dormant water can become very filthy.  Without regular circulation of this water in the pipes, this water can become very dirty and stinking.

Water damage is a simple water damage.  You call, first, a specialized company to dry the place and soon after, your insurer to pay above deductible.  Problem settle.

With stagnant water the result is much different.  Above drying the water which is mostly liquid, a thorough cleaning will be necessary not forgetting the odour that will probably need an ozone treatment.