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A new tenant does not park his car the way he is supposed to.  You tell him verbally and in a peculiar way he tells you to go cook an egg!

Another tenant leaves his shoes in the corridor while it is forbidden by the by-laws of the immovable.  Furthermore, he listens to his radio loud and late.  Neighbours knock on the door resulting in yelling and insults.  He adds that for the rent he pays, he does not want to be disturbed and he will use the swimming pool and the sauna when and how he decides.

Question from the Board:  "Are there any solutions to this?"  If a "real" co-owner behaves half as bad as this we can seek an injunction and/or, if the cinstitutiing act allows, impose fines and penalties.  But tenants?

See the full article in our edition of "La Revue de la Copropriété au Québec".