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"Bulletin de la Copropriété Plus"


You are not the only one... Many problems shared commonly by persons residing in divided co-ownership are dealt with in our Bulletin called "Bulletin de la copropriété plus au Québec". There is a combination of English and French texts. The answer to your question might just be there!

Until today, there have been 72 publications covering 1144 articles on the topic of co-ownership. That's what the BULLETIN LA COPROPRIÉTÉ PLUS is all about. It has been published since August 1989.

For the past 13 years, it has been the only source of information for syndicates of co-ownership in the province of Quebec.

Please note that the bulletin is not available for non-members.

Your board of directors can order supplementary copies of the bulletin for any co-owner requesting one. In addition, any co-owner wanting an extra copy of the bulletin can get one delivered to his/her personal address. Extra charges will apply.


Inside our very popular bulletin "le Bulletin de la Copropriété Plus", our members have access to the section INFO CONDO which help administrators communicate more effectively with co-owners. INFO CONDO is full of helpful hints and tips on how to avoid eventual problems.



Since November 12, 2005, all our members receive a card, which enables the syndicate and each of its co-owners to obtaint a 5% to 10% discount on RONA products. The identification card is also used for the Bentonel paint. It will be renewed with your annual ASCQ membership.

Professional members

The company or person that qualified to become a professional member of our association had to obtain very high standards as imposed on by our selection comittee. This professional offers good, reliable and affordable services to syndicate members.

These companies and/or people do not pay any royalties to the association, nevertheless they have to pay a membership fee.

Take a look at our list of suppliers and professionals

Free telephone services

As a member of our association, you can call us and talk to one of our experts in co-ownership. Thus, you can get information on administrative issues as well as information on how to manage a syndicate of co-ownerhip. There are no limits on the number of calls you can place. We have a 24-hour a day call telephone messaging service at your convenience. You can also send documents by e-mail so we can thoroughly study it and provide you with insightful service.
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