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Our team

An incredible team will be able to quickly answer all your questions with great efficiency.

  • MICHEL G. CHARLEBOIS, Chief Executive Officer
  • JOSÉE CHARLEBOIS, Administration
  • JONATHAN MARCIL, Information Technology


Our Chief executive officer, Mr Michel G. Charlebois, heads the Association since 1989. With diplomas in law and finance, he had the opportunity to sit on the Quebec Bar's comity for the new Civil Code. He was awarded the Quebec Bar Merit in 1993 for his implications. Mr Charlebois is known as the "real" source of information in the province in regards to co-ownership law. Since 1989, Mr Charlebois has given numerous conferences on pyrite, the co-ownership constitution, insurances, contingency funds issues, etc... He is the Editor in chief of our bulletin Copropriété Plus in which he has written just over one thousand articles.



Email: josee [dot] charlebois [arobas] ascq [dot] qc [dot] ca