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 Bill 16 : What about it? This the official title of the law: 2019, c. 28 An Act mainly to regulate building inspections and divided co-ownership, to replace the name and improve the rules of operation of the Régie du logement and to amend the Act respecting the Société d’habitation du Québec and various legislative provisions concerning municipal affairs

Sanction : 2019-12-11 This law sanctioned on December 11 2019 is in force since January 10, 2020 contains many new obligations for all syndicates of co-ownership, small and big.  This law 16 concerns the management of divides co-ownership. It does not affect undivided co-ownership, neither sponsored of Combined with Bill 141, Bill concerning the insurance in co-ownership, Bill 16 regards many aspect of administration of a syndicate of co-ownership.

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