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Our mission is:

"To help, inform, and support the syndicates of co-ownership and to guide them upgrading their management techniques in order to protect the value of their co-ownership investments"


The first Association of co-ownership in Quebec was founded in 1976. Then, in 1985, the Association of co-owners was constituted. Both Associations merged together in 1994 with the arrival of the New Civil Code of Quebec and thus created the present Association.


As a member of the association, there are a lot of benefits you can take advantage of. Some are listed in this section of our website. Our main goals are :

  • To improve the management skills of our administrators;
  • To help syndicates save time and money in providing them with specific information in co-ownership law.
  • Insure the stability of the value of the investments made by co-owners;

Your membership includes

  • Free unlimited telephone services
  • Trimonthly bulletins
  • Access to references from professionals in different fields
  • References on many associates
  • Group-purchase program
  • Discount on paint for syndicates of co-ownership,
  • Discount program on natural Gas
  • Group insurance program for member's employees,
  • The Co-owner's Page.

Services that we offer with fees or retainers

  • Administrative consultations
  • Legal services and consultations
  • Formation sessions, brunches, seminars
  • Assisted-management services
  • Reference books, legal documents, archives, civil code, etc…
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