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Did you hear about “bed bugs”?

Bed bugs are the news of the day. Every exterminator; all chemical manufacturers; any bacteria or virus researchers are on the alert button. Anyone with an interest in making a bit of money from something that frightens or can frighten people is very active for the time being.
Not that this problem is not serious: it is. Even the very serious New York Time talked about it.
O.K. this “bed bug” affair is more American than Canadian yet but still, the situation is real and can become alarming. Except that we should like to remind all about two years ago acari’s (or acarinas) alert and the H1N1 virus of last year. Very genuine, very serious, very exaggerate.
Can we say the same for bed bugs affair? We really don’t know but let’s say we are a bit sceptical about the size of this menace. This is the kind of event where all should be alert but none should panic over.


To all of our members of the Association,

We are pleased to inform you that the “Bulletin de la Copropriété Plus” will now be published “4 times a year”.

The “Spring Edition” will be out in March 2010.
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